• Hi, I am Derek! I'm from Wikia's Community Central. As part of the Making Wikis Better Scheme (MWBS), we'll always strive to develop every undeveloped wiki in the Wikia Community. I have noticed that The 7D Fanon Wikia is a little undeveloped. Here's what you can do!

    • Try adding some content in the main page, readers tend to continue to browse your wiki if your main page is appealing to them!
    • Try editing the Javascript and the Cascading Style Sheets to further enhance the appeal of this wiki!
    • Achievements usually encourage users to edit more, so make you enable achievements!
    • Add a little more content here and there!

    And you shall be good to go! Thank you for being part of the Wikia Community. I hope your wiki grows under the MWBSFandom default og img

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